With fixed and mobile telecommunications spend seeing unprecedented growth, businesses are turning to the cloud, not only to cut their costs but to find new flexibility and agility in the way they run their businesses.

ClearSIP, from Vaioni Wholesale, offers a feature rich alternative to the traditional ISDN that brings with it typical savings of up to 50% on rental and 25% on the cost of calls, making it exceptionally cost effective. What's more, our solution is ideal if your customers are looking for international SIP solutions. 


Our SIP Trunking solution gives users the option to take their connectivity from multiple sources, from a dedicated leased line through to the Internet. SIP allows for active and standby circuits, so should one connection fail, the circuit will automatically fail over to the secondary. 


Your customers' capacity can be adjusted up or down usually without delay and without the contractual penalties of traditional services, ideal if you have customers that demand ‘bursting’ capability during peak periods.

Number Flexibility

SIP trunks allow customers to move office and keep your same geographic number without any on-going call forwarding costs, removing significant hassle.

With number flexibility, SIP Trunks help organisations work smarter, using local numbers for advertising and display but routing calls to sales offices anywhere.


Key features of our service include:

  • Carrier grade infrastructure


  • National and International reach


  • Local, National and Non Geographic numbers available


  • Option to port existing numbers


  • Use existing Ethernet network to carry calls


  • Call Recording


  • Private SIP


  • Enhanced 24/7 care service options delivered from our NOC


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