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18 month contract with 36 months pricing
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Vaioni Wholesale announces the expansion of V.E.N to build one of the UK’s Largest Ethernet Networks.


The Vaioni Ethernet Network now boasts
on-net connectivity throughout the UK.


Access connectivity solutions from every major carrier in the country and choose the right one for your customers.

Delivering Extraordinary Connectivity Across the UK and Globally


See the real choice your customers have. The myVaioni portal provides options based on carrier, access technology, on-net and off-net, lead times and current service levels as well as price, so you can choose the right service for your customer.

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Accreditation Programme

Our Accreditation Programme ensures you get the most from your working relationship with Vaioni Wholesale. From strategic support through to day to day hands on work, we’ll be there to help you and your customers get the most from our connectivity.

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Invest wisely and be seen to invest wisely. With so much pressure on budgets, you and your customers need to ensure you are getting the best deal and the best value. Find out how Vaioni Wholesale will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment with us.

Best value for your customer

The Vaioni Network

At Vaioni Wholesale, we believe that it is the strength of the network that provides the backbone of any IT infrastructure. Indeed connectivity has become a utility, equal to electricity, simply essential.

Concerns around network availability, resiliency and security continue to plague businesses: the perceived risk of downtime continues to outweigh the opportunity for increased innovation and agility. That’s why we approach the network as a strategic enabler.

We’re proud to boast a 99.96% uptime on this network – and with recent investments of over £1m, that figure is only set to improve!

Vaioni’s network is amongst the fastest, most secure and most resilient in the country, with partnerships to ensure global reach. It is at the centre of every product and service we deliver.

The Vaioni portfolio consists of 3 distinct service sets:

Our Services are built on the Vaioni Network, indeed our network provides the foundation for our entire portfolio. A carrier grade infrastructure that is on-net with 7 datacentres across the UK, the Vaioni Network provides the fast, resilient and secure connectivity that modern businesses demand.


Network Services

  • Wide Area Networks
  • Leased Lines
  • Access Services
  • Layer 2 NNI
  • #Pre-Ethernet

Voice Services

  • ClearVoice
  • ClearSIP

Hosting and Cloud Services

  • Co-location

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Vaioni is a market leading provider of extraordinary connectivity, helping fast paced businesses meet the challenges of today’s digital economy through mission critical network, voice and cloud services.

Headquartered in Manchester, the company owns and operates the Vaioni Ethernet Network, a carrier grade infrastructure that connects the digital hubs of London, Birmingham and Manchester, and is integrated with the 12 of the major UK Ethernet providers including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk Business. Vaioni offers exceptional Ethernet coverage across the country, with global reach.

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