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Cost-effective connectivity for basic access and operations.

[ Key Features of Business Broadband ]

Our most cost-effective access option is available throughout the UK and can either be used for non-essential traffic, or as a failover connection as part of your customers’ disaster recovery strategy. It’s also ideal for home-offices and growing start-ups. 

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Cost-effective, business-class broadband

Speeds up to 80Mbps, even for your customers that are on a budget with both MPF & SMPF offerings.

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We provide choice so your customers find the right access at the right price.

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No caps on data usage

We won’t limit your customers’ bandwidth or overcharge for high usage.

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Industry-leading SLA

Guaranteed credits that protect you and your customers from downtime.

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UK-based, 24/7 support team

Our support team is only ever one phone call away.

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[ Business Broadband ]

Not every customer needs the highest-speeds available. Some would rather find a reliable service that keeps them connected while working to a budget.

Our competitively priced Business Broadband services are a great choice for small and growing businesses, helping you provide reliable access that represents true value for money.

[ Benefits of Business Broadband ]


Business-class Broadband for cost-effective connectivity


Choice of ADSL and FTTC connections with speeds up to 80 Mbps


No restrictions on data usage, peak performance or ports


UK-based Support Team available 24/7/365

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[ The Vaioni Network ]

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A business' network is the backbone of its IT infrastructure. Availability, resiliency and cybersecurity are all critical to keep your customers online and support their increasing demands. The transition to hosted platforms is a seismic shift in how businesses operate, and the implications of downtime are greater than ever before. Therefore, it's essential to get it right first time and the Vaioni Network delivers against all these key factors, sitting at the core of every product and service we deliver.

Our Core Network

Our core network proves our qualities as a leading network operator. Built using carrier-grade infrastructure in datacentres across London and Manchester, we’re constantly innovating to match the needs of the always-connected workforce. All our customer traffic uses this network and we're proud to boast near 100% uptime since 2015!

The Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN)

VEN connects over 100 cities and towns, bringing competitive and feature-rich connectivity up to 10Gb to over 350,000 UK postcodes. Annual investments and a culture of constant innovation ensures we increase our reach and evolve our services, enabling you to deliver services to even more businesses and ensure happier customers.

Our Aggregated Network

While we enjoy strategic partnerships with the UK's leading Ethernet providers, (including BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media Business and Vodafone) we’re not wedded to any single provider. We've connected their networks with our own to ensure your customers have access to the broadest footprint, the widest choice of speeds and most customisable technologies, at the best possible price.

Put simply, wherever your customers are, we can connect them.

[ Vaioni Wholesale Connectivity Services ]

Your customers’ internet access is the foundation of their entire operation. By offering Vaioni Wholesale’s range of connectivity services, you ensure they maximise productivity, enjoy crystal-clear audio & video conferencing, and can take advantage of robust security, all while leaving room for their future growth. 


The backbone that keeps your business operational and your people connected.

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Dedicated internet access with un-contended bandwidth and symmetrical upload/download speeds.

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Dedicated site-to-site connectivity your customers can rely on.


Secure, scalable, low latency connectivity for the highest quality access.


High-speed, reliable data access for mission critical, hard-to-reach or mobile operations.


Robust MPLS networking for multi-site and international organisations.


A range of connectivity options with reliable speeds for immediate needs.

[ We are a Trusted, Award-Winning Supplier ]

We empower your customers with high-speed, mission-critical access that enables them to operate with complete digital freedom. Our dedication has been rewarded with some of the most prestigious awards and trusted accreditations in the industry.

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