Welcome to new myVaioni: powerful, easy to use and available now

Nov 30, 2020 | News

When we ask resellers what they want from service providers, the same themes tend to come up time after time.

They tell us that they have plenty of work to do nurturing and servicing end users, so they want the other side of their operation – doing business with providers like us – to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

At the same time, they want to be able to access the information they need to make the best decisions on behalf of end users quickly and easily. Oh, and they don’t want to spend time on the phone if they don’t have to.

All of this is fair enough, frankly. Resellers have enough to do managing existing customers and finding new ones. The last thing they need is a stodgy and inefficient relationship with the people who provide the services they are busy trying to sell.

myVaioni: made to make life easier

Which is where the new myVaioni comes in. Our existing partner portal was a pretty good quote and order tool, enabling partners to obtain pricing information from across the Vaioni Ethernet Network – which connects 350,000+ postcodes across 210 exchanges across it’s own Fibre Ethernet Network – as well as the 12 UK carriers that form our connectivity exchange.The new version supercharges that function whilst also providing the ability to manage in-life services from the same dashboard.

It’s not so much an evolution of our partner portal as a huge stride forward. We think it’s the best partner portal in the industry, and the easiest to use.

That’s a bold claim, but myVaioni was already reliably aggregating market pricing information on key UK Ethernet operators in real time, and we’ve just made it significantly more powerful.

You can now access a unique combination of real-time information when looking for the best Ethernet services for customers, with the ability to select multiple options in a single quote across a number of postcodes.

In addition, myVaioni allows for easy bulk quoting and provides category type information to allow you to make informed decisions on where to place orders that aren’t based on price alone, and can give accurate total order costs including estimated ECCs (Excess Construction Charges).

These services, and more, allow you to determine exactly the right service for your customers, based on cost, quality, bearer, bandwidth, terms and location; as well as being able to order relevant services in seconds.

Phone us if you want to (not because you have to)

The process is entirely self-serve, cutting time and reducing inconvenience for partners even further. When an order is placed, myVaioni ensures that all updates and communications are stored in the same place.

And that’s the other big improvement with this version of the portal. We’re always happy to speak to our partners, but we perfectly understand that you don’t always want to speak to us. We’re nice people, but it’s time consuming. The new myVaioni means you only really have to talk to us about placing an order in unusual circumstances (or if you generally fancy a chat).

Making business better

“We were among the first to introduce an ethernet procurement portal to the channel and myVaioni has delivered what partners have needed in the past. myVaioni was a good portal, but with further innovation and investment in product design, now it’s a great one which takes us one step closer to our vision in providing the most powerful connectivity and cloud ecosystem,” says Vaioni Wholesale managing director Sachin Vaish. “The new version of myVaioni has been designed to support our partners in making quick and effective decisions by empowering them with tools that other portals don’t have.

“It’s also completely self-service, cutting the time customers need to spend on the phone, and brings all relevant information together in one place. It makes Vaioni Wholesale easy to do business with. More importantly for partners, it makes it easy for your customers to do business with you.”

And that really is the point. We’ve listened to what our partners want, which is the easiest possible way to access the best services for their customers. We think myVaioni is a portal that does exactly that.

Partners with access to the previous version of myVaioni will still be able to access the portal with their existing user credentials at https://my.vaioni.com/login. Partners that would like access can request access by clicking the ‘Request Access’ button here.

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