Vaioni Wholesale has setup several interconnects with both Gamma and TalkTalk to service customer demand on end-to-end quality of service for SIP and related services.

Vaioni Wholesale has setup resilient interconnects and peering with several Cloud Partners including Gamma and TalkTalk to assist Partners in creating a more valuable proposition to the end-customer. Sachin Vaish, MD of Vaioni, says “Whilst our interconnects have been in place for some time now, we are seeing good demand from our Channel Partners to directly interconnect to key providers of various cloud services. As the connectivity provider, we are more than happy to help our partners achieve these goals, including interconnects with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, as well as some standard ones. Part of our Technical Strategy, we always set up multiple connections to ensure resilience too. With the interconnects in place, our Partners can reassure their customers that they are receiving the best service possible, including end-to-end quality of service, guaranteed lower latency, privacy and security.”

Vaioni Wholesale has begun to design and rollout more interconnects to top cloud providers as demand increases. “We are more than happy for existing and new Channel Partners out there to approach us and discuss any new interconnect requirements they may have to enhance their proposition for example, or help them win that big deal,” Sachin continues.